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Mon, 28 Nov 2011 03:26:00 [link to article]

Tablets to rise and rise. Up just over 150% on last year, 33.7 million Americans own a tablet.

Yet more reason to think that NFC will take off next year as more handsets look set to embrace it.

f-commerce. Apparently 12% of facebook users - so around 96 million people - have made a purchase via facebook.

Do facebook want to create their own phone? Various websites are reporting on the “secret” project, Buffy. Seems rather odd.

This is seriously cool. Some nerds have created a spray that will make your phone / computer / anything really water replant. Yes it actually repels water.

It would appear that the UK are a social bunch, just so long as it is not face-to-face and over the phone.

Also amazing is this story about a contact lens being clever.

The genius of Alex Blagg

icatcher - a round down

Sat, 19 Nov 2011 05:52:19 [link to article]

Eventually marketing departments will cotton on to the advertising potential of mobile, so enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Finally the Amazon Fire arrive. Here is an article with a bunch of reviews:

Whilst Apple seem reluctant to embrace NFC - waiting to join later in the curve - there are many reasons to get behind it. Mobile payment is one, sharing from phone to phone is another, and now product validation. 
AND to buy a can of Coke!

The largest maker of cash registers and other payment processing devices, VeriFone have been spending the cash recently. They have just purchased a company called Point that deals with 10 million transactions a day across 11 countries and 450,000 merchants. No doubt there will be NFC upgrades on the way.

45 huge mobile phone operators want to put NFC in the SIM card. Yet more reason to start looking at the potential uses of this technology.

“The hope with HTML5 is that it will save us from a fragmented universe that is bad for innovation, developers and consumers.” - The internet will win.

“61% of UK consumers do not want to engage with brands in their social networks” - Yeah, get the hell out of my face already.

115 million smartphones purchased in Q3 2011.

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Tue, 15 Nov 2011 06:12:00 [link to article]

Does Siri spell the end for Google? Some people seem to think so. It’s almost as if Google can’t build on top of the voice actions they’ve had for years (not to mention the apps that have been around for years) and create their own talking  personal assistant. Far too complex for them. The big shift here is Siri doesn’t need Google to be clever. In this good article on TNW there is this nugget to digest:

By some numbers, Google accounts for 97% of all mobile search queries, which is a massive, if not incredibly surprising number. But it turns out that 2/3 of that number originates on iOS devices, not Android.”

So if iOS devices no long used google that 97% would would be a mere 16%.

A lot of stuff about social this week. There is a cartoon announcing the arrival of yet another social network (humor), Google+ introduced pages and facebook called google+ a “little facebook”. Not that Google mind. The G+ pages are out, but not perfect, here is a good summary, oh and they have a slightly odd stance when it comes to competitions.

NFC is in the news again. PayPal have updated their Android app that takes advantage of ICS’s NFC api, so now you can pay a friend just by touching their phone.

With a reported 62% of Americans shoppers thinking that their mobile will be involved in their festive shopping Christmas is set to be another big time of year for e/m-commerce. However be sure your site / app loads in around 10 seconds otherwise 38% of the inpatient public with make a dash for the exit door (back button). Square are enjoying a good time at the moment, not only getting investment from Sir Richard Branson, but also they annouced that they have are taking $10 million worth of payments. Does that count as m-commerce? 

Adobe are again signalling their intentions to shift tact by halting further development of Falsh player for mobile. They want to focus on make AIR apps native using HTML5. Surely advertisers - if agencies can convince their clients - will have to follow suit as the increased screen time mobile is getting means that the advertising bucks - $15 billion next year - will have to go where the views are. The beginning of the end for flash based adverts.

It seems as though smartphones are not content with replacing point and shoot cameras, MP3 players and GPS devices they want to take care of your gaming fun.

icatcher - a (late) round down

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 22:00:08 [link to article]

Google have been busy giving a few of their sites what is being dubbed an ICS make up. We were more excited by the news that “propeller” should be coming this week. This is google’s answer to Flipboard, the fancy feed reader that is somehow worth $200 million. Whilst their face lifts of Reader and Gmail went reasonably well, the launch of the ipad Gmail app was a bit of a disaster, with the app being pulled in a day. But hey, Gmail is a web based email system, use your browser. Not content with internet and mobile dominance, google are creating a stir with the update to GoogleTv, watch this space.

Sumsung showed off a very cool looking flexi screen, and apparently we’ll see something next year. Nexus Flexus anyone?

Smartphones are taking over, in a recent survey of 3000 mobile users “43 percent of respondents having already replaced their camera with their mobile phone, 34 percent have replaced their MP3 player and 24 percent their GPS device. Nearly 70 percent of the consumers surveyed use smartphones.” There was more research done before the iphone4S was released  that found 70% of phones sold during the research period (12 weeks up to 2nd October) were smartphones. They estimate that 43.8% of the UK populations owns a smartphone. In the UK it would seem that Android is cleaning up, but does it really matter? The important thing is that people are going mobile is a massive way. “There’s an app for that”, yeah well there’s the internet for that also. More and more people will be using the internet whilst on the move, and more and more people will be getting tablets to consume information and be entertained. Here is a study of where people are using their tablets, and why people are buying apps - boredom

Foursquare are releasing a button that when “The users click the button and add a venue to their to-do lists, and then it becomes a way to reach them when they’re nearby the venue.” They have also shared some tips on how to engage and be social. Here is a list of four example of social that engaged and social that didn’t. The WSJ released a list of the 25 most valuable blogs in the world. Celebrity site Pirez Hilton is 9th valued at $29 million, just above it in 8th is celeb like apple tech site Mashable valued at $39 million. So it’s time to start drawing Siri quotes on pictures of Paris Hilton.

iCatcher - a round up

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 03:21:14 [link to article]


Is bending and twisting how we will be interacting with our phones? 

NFC on the rise. MasterCard have PayPass, Visa have payWave. The leaders of the pack will embrace this now, not in 2013 post Apple releasing the iphone5 that will surely (finally) have an NFC chip.

Sony buy Sony Ericsson to take total control of their mobile offerings.

Apperently it cost $1.64 to acquire a “loyal” app user. A loyal app user is somebody that opens the app three times.

Amazon to cut the publisher out?

Coming soon to a GoogleTV near you - Android apps.
http://mobiputing.com/2011/10/android-market-coming-soon-to-google-tv/ - 

The re-birth of Nokia and Windows mobile? Pleased to see another device and strong OS on the scene.
http://www.intomobile.com/2011/10/26/nokia-lumia-800-handson-get-load-first-real-windows-phone/  [with video] 

[infographic] Android’s rapid rise.
http://www.intomobile.com/2011/10/24/infographic-androids-rise-top/ - 

HTML5 love. "Ebook designers will be able to make use of CSS3 support and fixed layouts, as well as embedded fonts for a wider variety of typefaces.“
http://www.techradar.com/news/portable-devices/portable-media/amazon-kindle-ebooks-to-get-html5-support-1036159 - 

Android now lead Apple in app downloads, not that Apple will be worried. They still have a more apps downloaded per person and they have the better apps.

F-commerce to rule the web?

[infographic] Tablets in the workplace, it’s only just begun really.

It wont be long before almost everybody in facebook is working on their mobile offerings.

1 in 15 searches were mobile in 2010, now it’s 1 in 7.

The co-founder and CEO of the brains behind the only talking point of the iphone4S, Siri, has left Apple.

Google to swallow up Yahoo? If monopolies were encourage. (Oh wait…)


60 percent of consumers researching products through multiple online sources learned about a specific brand or retailer through social networking sites.

AR being used by VW, following up on the lovely "HTML5” website.

Useful & Cool

A great collection of websites using css media queries

Slide show guide for optimising for mobile.

SEO explained in plain English and drawings. Nice.

50 free PSD web UI elements to help you design the next best thing.

Finally - if online check out was off line.