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Thu, 04 Apr 2013 09:28:00 [link to article]

It is a year ago that I wrote the article on QR codes: The cool kids don’t like QR codes, but they should.

It would seem that all the QR code bashing has had an impact. I flicked through a copy of WIRED and only spotted two, and unbelievably one went to a non mobile optimised website. The fault is not with the QR code, but with the misuse of them.

I mentioned back then how there seems to be a QR Vs AR (augmented reality) battle going on. This is largely thanks to blogs and agencies pitting one against the other, which is a little bit silly. Ultimately it is down to why a business or campaign may benefit from using such technology, not that one is better than the other.


Flicking through a Time Out I noticed a Lloyds TSB advert that was using AR specialists Blippar. Curiously there was a notice to “download blippar app free” but no QR to link to a simple page that could be measured and provide links to the app stores. Instead I had to search the app store for the app and download it.

Blippar is straightforward to use, getting to work is not. There needs good light, but not too much that the glossy pages glare and the image needs to be flat. The trouble is that it keeps flashing on and off, focusing and refocusing, loading and then cutting out. Not the best experience.

The video below shows you what happens.

What is the point? It’s fun?. But it is just a waste of time. Also the website linked to from the app is not mobile optimised! Doh! Blimey.


Again though, it is not the technologies fault (this is no way a dig at Blippar, what they are offering is very interesting), but it is how it is pointlessly used that is the problem.

By: Lindsay Butler+

First appeared on: http://www.longtap.com/blog.php