The iPhone will get bigger, fact.

Wed, 30 Jan 2013 11:05:25 [link to article]

This is not a rumor, but a fact. The iphone will have to get bigger.

When I wrote the weener article a while back there was still uncertainty as the whether or not Apple would release a phone with a larger screen. Now we all know that they did, but was it too little and too late?

Reports have been flying around that Apple will make a ‘cheaper’ handset and that it may also make the screen larger. Whilst I personally do not see any reason why Apple should want to make a cheaper handset, I can see that the screen will get bigger.

The reasons are the same as the previous ones, namely how people use their phones and what other phones are offering. The trouble is with the current iphone 5 size it that is neither the usual premium size (4.7" - 5") nor a standard smaller size (3.5"ish). The problem with this is that they failed to fully commit to a larger size screen, as they wanted to keep the width of the phone unchanged. This was a mistake and one that they will have to correct within the next couple of years.

By: Lindsay Butler+

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